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Kaimana Farm Cafe

About us

We are trying to help Gluten-free, Allergies (tree nuts, peanuts, soy beans, banana, seaweed, sesame, diary, pineapple), Vegan, and/or other preferences.


Kaimana Farm Cafe is committed to being good for the body and good for our community in Hawaii. All of our food is locally sourced all-natural, well-balanced, and prepared for all the people to stay healthy with variety of rich vegetable dishes, regardless of your vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or even simple meat dieter's choice. Our philosophy is to provide high quality cuisine and service to everyone that walks through our door. We offer only natural food products, many of which are grown on the Hawai'ian islands by farmers. Even though our main dishes sound familiar, we differentiate your order by offering many Japanese or other Asian inspired vegetables dishes. We committed to doing everything possible to make your dining experience pleasant, fulfilling, and delicious. We are a small family restaurant with a small kitchen and staffs. We would try our best but may take longer than institutional restaurant. In order to improve our service, we may offer our own on-line order / delivery service. You will be able to schedule your order in advance and pick up from us. Or we will deliver the food for you at the attract cost, or even free of delivery charge, with a minimum order